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Teaching Philosophy

Two principles inform all of my teaching. First, my objective is not to teach students what to think about economics, but rather, to teach them how to think about economics. Facts and formulas can always be looked up in books. The true function of a university education is to develop students’ abilities to think critically and analytically. Second, my pedagogical objective is not to improve my teaching, but rather, to improve student learning. This objective shifts the focus away from “covering the material” to creating an atmosphere conducive to learning. This atmosphere requires student participation, treating students fairly and with respect, and it requires sensitivity to the students’ varying perspectives and backgrounds. This atmosphere allows the possibility of meeting students halfway between where they are and where I would like to bring them – to a place where they have learned to think more critically and analytically.

Avi J CohenAuthor Profile

Avi J. Cohen is a Professor of Economics at York University and at the University of Toronto. He has a PhD from Stanford University; is a Life Fellow of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge; and is past president of the History of Economics Society and Senior Research Fellow at the Center for the History of Economics at Duke University.

Professor Cohen has over 30 years of experience teaching introductory economics, and is the recipient of numerous teaching awards, including Canada’a most prestigious national award for educational leadership, the 3M Teaching Fellowship. As Dean’s Advisor on Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Initiatives at York, he spearheaded the Arts doTEL program helping instructors transform face-to-face courses to blended and online formats.

Professor Cohen has research interests in the history of economics, economic history, and economic education. He has published in Journal of Economic Perspectives, Journal of Economic Education, History of Political Economy, Journal of the History of Economic Thought, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic History, and Explorations in Economic History, among other journals and books. Professor Cohen co-authored the best-selling Study Guide that accompanied the first eight editions of Parkin/Bade’s Economics. His economic literacy textbooks, Micro/Macro Economics for Life, are published by Pearson Canada.