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Taxing Housing Negative Externalities?

Many cities, including Seattle, have rising housing and rental prices because of demand from hi-tech workers who earn good salaries and want to live in downtown neighbourhoods. This op-ed suggests that we look at the higher housing prices as a negative externality caused by the tech businesses. Accordingly, the [...]

Taxing Housing Negative Externalities?2020-05-10T08:50:34-04:00

The High Cost of Driving: Putting A Price on Traffic

Here is an interview CBC did with Prof. Chris Ragan of McGill, Chair of the EcoFiscal Commission. There are great issues of negative externalities, and how people ignore the opportunity costs of being stuck in traffic. The question is, is it worth paying tolls if it buys us more time [...]

The High Cost of Driving: Putting A Price on Traffic2020-05-09T10:54:01-04:00

Krugman Welcomes Keynes to Canada

Paul Krugman's column on "Keynes Comes to Canada" is a treasure-chest of Canadian policy issues. His focus is on the Liberal Party's platform position to run budget deficits for a few years to finance infrastructure investment -- “Interest rates are at historic lows, our current infrastructure is aging rapidly, [...]

Krugman Welcomes Keynes to Canada2020-05-07T16:10:40-04:00
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