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Do Higher Minimum Wages Benefit Workers AND Employers?


Andrew Jackson, of the Broadbent Institute, argues in a Huffington Post article that the recent increase in Alberta’s minimum wage to $12.20 (on a path to $15 in 2018) not only benefits workers, but also employers. He presents the cons and pros of minimum wages, including a claim […]

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90 Second Video on Deflation


The Globe & Mail has a nice, animated 90 second video explaining deflation (after the commercial).

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The High Cost of Driving: Putting A Price on Traffic


Here is a short analysis of an interview CBC did with Prof. Chris Ragan of McGill, Chair of the EcoFiscal Commission. The video include the CBC interview. There are great issues of negative externalities, and how people ignore the opportunity costs of being stuck in traffic. The […]

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Can Road Tolls and Congestion Taxes SAVE Money ?


Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission issues a report titled “We Can’t Get There From Here: Why Pricing Traffic Congestion is Critical to Beating It.” The commission recommends road tolls and congestion taxes as a way to save money for drivers, businesses, and the economy in general. The CBC story reports […]

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Personality Creates Productivity and Prosperity


James Heckman (Nobel Prize-winning economist at the University of Chicago)  argues passionately that governments should pay (unusual for a Chicago economist!) for early childhood education.

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A Balance Sheet Recession


Richard Koo (Chief Economist, Nomura Research Institute) did a 10 minute video in 2010 for the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) that is the clearest and most succinct, yet comprehensive, explanation of balance sheet recession.  I have shown this video 10 times in different courses, and students […]

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Robot Chefs Taking Over China’s Noodle Bars


There is an engaging video about the noodle-shaving robots described in the Economics Out There on p. 66 of Economics for Life: Smart Choices for You? Besides being fun, it has some interviews in Chinese (with English subtitles) which have been popular with my Chinese-speaking students. Play […]

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Game Theory


The best way to engage students with the abstract, mathematical techniques of game theory is to show the clip of the bar scene from A Beautiful Mind. This film about John Nash (based on the book by Sylvia Nasser) won the 2001 Oscar for Best Picture. Many […]

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Bacon Shortage Crisis!


This is an entertaining SourceFed YouTube video about rising bacon prices caused by a drought that increased the price of pig feed.

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The Five Minute University


As economists and teachers, what do we want our lasting “economic footprint” to be? There is a wonderful old Saturday Night Live skit by Father Guido Sarducci called “The Five Minute University.” His premise is to teach in five minutes what an average college or university graduate remembers five years after […]

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