The Microeconomics and Macroeconomics FlexTexts are best described as “Coles Notes with knowledge checks, practice problems, and applications for employability skills.” There are many students who don’t buy textbooks and only do work when in the classroom. The FlexTexts are written to be consistent with the most-used post-secondary textbooks, and are designed to be easily used without a textbook. Instructor lecture notes plus the FlexText are all a student needs to succeed, for a low cost of $50.

All content — text, graphs, questions, answers — created by Avi Cohen, an award-winning teacher and experienced textbook and study guide author.

  • Flexible — each chapter is self-contained, with key terms bolded and defined; Know section at end of chapter summarizes the main ideas for answering the learning objectives.
  • Compact — 13 chapters, each chapter has a maximum of 5 sections, each with 1 learning objective.
  • After each chapter section
    • 5 Practice multiple choice questions, with answers and explanations at end of chapter. Total of 305 multiple choice questions in Macro; 290 in Micro.
    • 2-3 Apply questions, requiring students to write, graph, fill in blanks, analyze data, … Total of 180 Apply questions in Macro; 170 in Micro.
    • Some Apply questions designed to stimulate class discussions through video clips and class activities
    • Apply answers provided only to Instructors in a detailed Answer Guide.

Microeconomics FlexText Table of Contents and Learning Objectives

Macroeconomics FlexText Table of Contents and Learning Objectives