Lecture Slides and Narrated Dynamic Graphs

The PowerPoint® slides are a set of lectures based on the textbook content, paralleling the Chapter Summary found in the end-of-chapter Study Guide material. I developed the content in the slides to enable you to prepare and present a focused, manageable lecture without having to wade through an excessive number of slides. The parallels between the slides and the Study Guide’s Chapter Summary make it easier for students to connect the textbook material, your classroom presentation, and the Study Guide exercises. The design of the slides matches the textbook design so students connect more easily the material they have read and the content of your classroom presentation. The font sizes of the slides have been tested for readability from the back of a 500-seat lecture hall as well as on mobile devices.

There are two PowerPoint decks for each chapter.

  1. The primary Lecture deck is a curated set of slides. Most analytical graphs have transitions that appear (like shifting curves) as you click through.
  2. The secondary deck contains alternative versions of graphs in the lecture deck but paired with tables of numbers, and figures in the textbook that contain multiple graphs. Also included are all textbook Refresh Questions, which you can project to show how to work through the problem or to stimulate a discussion about the answer. Refresh answers are found in the PowerPoint Notes view, as well as in this IM.

Sample Graphs

Narrated Dynamic Graphs

Narrated Graph SampleThe PowerPoint graphs, built from the textbook graphic files, are the basis of the Narrated Dynamic Graphs. For key analytical graphs in the textbook, there is a short MP4 video. In a voice-over, I talk the student through the meaning of the graph, and traces shifts of curves and changes in outcomes. There is a moving cursor directing students’ attention to the portion of the graph being discussed in the narration. These MP4 files, which tell the story of each graph, can be streamed to a student’s computer or mobile device.