Microeconomics Table of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1What’s In Economics For You?
Scarcity, Opportunity Cost, Trade
Chapter 2Making Smart Choices
The Law of Demand
Chapter 3Show Me the Money
The Law of Supply
Chapter 4Coordinating Smart Choices
Demand and Supply
Chapter 5Just How Badly Do You Want It?
Chapter 6What Gives When Prices Don’t?
Government Policy Choices
Chapter 7Finding the Bottom Line
Opportunity Costs, Economic Profits and Losses, and the Miracle of Markets
Chapter 8Pricing Power
Monopoly to Competition and In Between
Chapter 9Pricing for Profits
Marginal Revenue and Marginal Cost
Chapter 9
Exploring Perfect Competition
Productivity, Costs, Quantities, and Profits
Chapter 10When Markets Fail
Natural Monopoly, Gaming, Competition, and Government
Chapter 11Acid Rain on Others’ Parades
Externalities, Carbon Taxes, Free Riders, and Public Goods
Chapter 12What Are You Worth?
Inputs, Incomes, and Inequality