Instructor’s Manual

The Instructor’s Manual will assist you in preparing for, and teaching, introductory economics, whether you are a new instructor or an experienced instructor looking for ways to enliven your classroom or to adapt to the growing world of fully or partially online courses. Here is a sample taken from Microeconomics, Chapter 4. The complete IM will be available in the spring, and I will be continually updating this site new media stories, data, blog posts and links to other teaching resources. Pearson Canada has already helped me develop a rich set of resources to make our jobs easier and to do them.

Each chapter of the Instructor’s Manual includes a narrative that pulls together the main themes of the chapter into a cohesive story. The presentation of the narrative is supported by a deck of curated PowerPoint slides (text, graphs, tables and illustrations) for you to customize. Here is the lecture deck of slides for Chapter 4. Most analytical graphs have transitions that appear (like shifting curves) as you click through.

A second deck contains alternative versions of graphs in the lecture deck – e.g., smaller-sizes of graphs in the Lecture deck but paired with tables of numbers; Figures in the textbook that contain multiple graphs. Here is the alternative deck for Chapter 4.  Also included are all textbook Refresh Questions, which you can add to show how to work through the problem or to stimulate a discussion about the answer.

We also provide a set of narrated dynamic graphs where I walk through shifts of curves and changes in equilibrium outcomes.