Sample Section from the Instructor’s Manual

The Instructor’s Manual (IM) will assist you in preparing for and teaching this course, whether you are a neophyte teaching the course for the first time, or an experienced instructor looking for ways to enliven your classroom or to adapt to the growing world of fully or partially online courses. The IM is organized by chapter, paralleling the textbook organization.

To make it easy and efficient for you to customize your lectures, each chapter includes an overview and concise summary of the main ideas, concepts and key graphs. You will find class discussion questions and answers to the student Refresh questions for each chapter.

Whether you are teaching 30 students or 500, we provide proven strategies for enhancing the interactivity of your classroom or online environment. Strategies, current discussion topics, economic data, and media stories will be updated regularly on the teaching blog. On the blog, stories will be tagged to chapters and keywords.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 4 of the Instructor’s Manual – Demand & Supply [add link]