Instructor’s Manual

The Instructor’s Manual accompanying Micro/Macro Economics for Life makes it easier for you to prepare and teach introductory economics classes, whether you are new at the job or an experienced instructor looking for ways to enliven your classroom or adapt to the growing world of fully or partially online courses.

The IM ties together the rich package of resources for Economics for Life – it is designed to read on screen, so you can click web links and instantly access the resources. Unlike most textbooks, all Economics for Life resources – lecture narratives, PowerPoint slides, Narrated Dynamic Graphs, TestBanks – were created by created by Avi Cohen, an award-winning teacher and experienced textbook and study guide author.

Here is a description of what you will find in the IM for every chapter of the textbook, and a link to a sample chapter.

Chapter OrganizationIM Samples

Learning Objectives

There is one learning objective for each section in the chapter.

Lecture Narrative

Rather than just list the main points in the chapter, it is helpful to hear the story that ties all of those points together. This will help you develop your own presentations in a more flowing and engaging way. I developed the lecture narrative together with the PowerPoint lecture slides.

Graphs, Tables and Illustrations

A table lists all figures in the chapter (tables, graphs, illustrations) with page numbers. For titles in blue, Narrated Dynamic Graph videos are available to students online in MyEconLab.

Active Learning Suggestions – Top Choice

While has many suggestions and links for active learning, it takes time to search and evaluate options. So I thought it would be useful to pick one “Top Choice” for each chapter. These are activities (for example, auctions and group assignments) and resources (for example, media stories and YouTube videos) that I have used successfully in the classroom.

Resources for Each Section of Each Chapter

For each section of a chapter, the IM has:

  • Learning Objective
  • Main Point – one sentence capturing the most important idea in the section. This main point also appears for students in red italics in the Study Guide Chapter Summary.
  • Key Terms – all key terms and definitions that appear in the margins (and included in the Glossary and student digital flash cards) are listed.
  • Discussion or Homework Questions and Answers – there are two questions (and answers) that can be used for classroom discussion or assigned as homework.
  • Refresh Questions and Answers – the Refresh Questions appearing in the textbook as the end of each section are repeated, together with the answers that are available to students on MyEconLab.

Instructor’s Manual Sample Chapter 4 Demand and Supply