Appendices to “Scalable, Scaffolded Writing Assignments with Online Peer Review in a Large Introductory Economics Course”

AppendixNameFile Type
ACourse syllabus for ECO 105YPDF
BHow to Read CriticallyVideo
CHow to Read Critically (slides from video module)PDF
D“A fare shake” from The Economist, May 14, 2016 print editionPDF
EArticle Abstract Writing AssignmentPDF
FHow to (Re-)Write an Abstract video moduleVideo
GHow to (Re-)Write an Abstract (slides from video module)PDF
HAdvice on How to (Re-)Write an Abstract PDF
ISample Abstract ProcessesPDF
JMicroeconomics Op-Ed Writing AssignmentPDF
KHow to (Re-)Write an Op-Ed video moduleVideo
LHow to (Re-)Write an Op-Ed (slides from video module)PDF
MScreen-Capture Video for TAs of Op-Ed Marking Process Video



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