Secret Reason for Airline Basic Economy Fares

Basic economy fares in the air travel industry and not primarily intended to compete with low-cost carriers or attract price-conscious consumers with elastic demands. The many restrictions on travel, luggage, cancellation fees are designed to make corporate travel agencies not even consider basic economy fares, and instead spend for [...]

Secret Reason for Airline Basic Economy Fares2020-05-09T16:56:34-04:00

Next Capitalist Revolution

The pro-market, Economist Magazine is concerned about increasing concentration of production among a few businesses in many industries, reducing competition and incentives to innovate. The Economist argues for increased government regulation (!) in the form or relaxing intellectual property laws (patents) from providing too much protection to existing businesses [...]

Next Capitalist Revolution2020-05-09T16:32:48-04:00

The Demise of Black’s Photography

After 85 years, Black's Photography, one of the largest Canadian retail photography chains, went out of business in August 2015. As the Globe & Mail reported, Black's was a "victim of a fast-changing digital industry and high-quality smartphone cameras and Instagram posts." This is a classic example of Joseph Schumpeter's [...]

The Demise of Black’s Photography2015-12-12T22:43:36-05:00
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