Why Toronto Is Not Building Rentals

Why don't more apartments get built when markets rents rise? Even without rent controls, there are powerful financial incentives that favour building condominiums (where presales generate returns on investments immediately) over rental apartments (where rental income tickles in slowly over decades). Condos have other advantages -- property taxes [...]

Why Toronto Is Not Building Rentals2020-05-09T12:36:17-04:00

Unintended Consequences in Mortgage Regulations

While the topic of the article is mortgage regulations, the main economic lesson is the importance of identifying unintended consequences of economic policies. Incentives are key to understanding unintended consequences. Examples of unintended consequences include how seat belt laws initially increased injuries, reasons for deductibles on insurance policies, and [...]

Unintended Consequences in Mortgage Regulations2020-05-10T08:31:09-04:00
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